Monday, May 18, 2009

Again with St. Francis

With my last post I received a comment that said "I'm gratified when I hear Lutherans giving thanks to the Creator for these non-human and yet very much alive blessings of creation who love us and serve us as the Lord made them to do."

In this post I mentioned a Prayer Card that I happened to find which was a "Prayer for My Pet." Of course, St. Francis was on the face of this card. A while later, one of our customers asked if we could locate a source for a book that she wanted to buy. The title of this book is For God's Creatures Great & Small. It is published by Regina Press, (C) 2006, ISBN: 0-88271-226-8.

This book was inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Francis had much love for animals with a special fondness for birds. He liked to refer to animals as his brothers and sisters. Legend has it that wild animals had no fear of Francis and even came to him seeking refuge from harm. After his death in 1226, Francis was declared a saint by Pope Gregory IX.

This little book contains "Prayers for Our Pets and Other Animals." In it is a Prayer of Welcome for New Pets", "A Blessing for Pets", a "Prayer for a Sick Pet", " A Petition for a Pet Who Has Grown Old", "Get Well Wishes for a Pet", "A Prayer for a Lost Pet", "A Blessing Over a Pet's Food", "A Prayer of Forgiveness for Pet Accidents", "An Animal Litany", and even "A Goodbye Service for a Deceased Pet." I guarantee, if you read this little book, you will become misty-eyed. If you do not, I would question your humanity.

Now, before you get all uppity, remember the canticle (Benedicite Omnia Opere Domini) that says "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise him and magnify Him forever." Now, if these creatures were created to praise God; should we not keep them in our own prayers? If you have read my post "A Strange and Special Angel," you already know my answer.

Any of my readers that might be curious about the "Prayer for My Pet" card, or about this small book; let me know. If you cannot locate a source for either of them, I can point you in the right direction or get them for you.

Fr. Hollywood, I await your comment.

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Father Hollywood said...

Dear Deacon:

Once again, I'm right there with you. I think a lot of people would see praying for our pets to be trivial, but if we really take seriously what *we* have done to creation and our Lord's plan to make all things new, how can we not pray for our pets and see them as part and parcel of our life in this fallen creation?

Every now and then, I run across articles or videos of extraordinary things animals do to help one another (even across species) or to serve us humans - and it is like a glimpse, however small, into the pre-fallen creation - which is the same thing as saying a preview of the post-fallen life in eternity.

Those images are there if we open our eyes to them.

I look forward to the days when lions and lambs lie down together and there are no more predators and no more death.

Thanks again for this delightful and profound topic!