Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Strange and Special Angel

A dog may be a strange disguise for an angel; but I do not doubt that this is my angel.

Last Saturday, March 28, I fell down the steps to my basement. I could have been out cold for a hour. I woke up to my Bear licking my face as fast and careful as he could. He did not stop until I started to move. I have been told that I might not have survived, if he had not got me moving.

I managed to climb the steps on my elbows and called for aid. The fall caused some spinal cord damage. I have lost some mobility in my right arm and hand. Three vertebrae (C5,6,7) were fused.

I returned home on Friday, April 3. My angel was waiting for me. This was the best medicine and therapy that I could receive.

Bear has been my companion and bodyguard for 6 years. This is a job he volunteered for when he insisted on my taking him home. That, however, is a story for another time. He still takes his job seriously. He follows me everywhere I go, and sleeps beside me when I am in bed. Recovery will be faster, now that my angel is taking care of me.

Our God uses all of His creation to sustain and protect us. His Angels are His Ministers of Grace and Mercy. Why should it seem strange that He would clothe an angel in the form of a dog? In this case, at least, Man's Best Friend is an angel sent by God to protect me. Of this I am certain, and for this I am thankful.

I welcome your comments re. my angel. In your devotions, include a prayer for my continued recovery.

God's Peace, and His Angels, be with you.


William Weedon said...

Father Deacon,

I am so sorry to hear about the fall, but I certainly rejoice with you in your "angel" - a blessed companion and friend indeed. When our Lord makes "all things new" I trust that our furry friends will be included in the renewal! Much love and prayers arise for your healing.

Christopher Gillespie said...

My son asked last Sunday: "Where is the deacon?" You were definitely missed. God be with you as you recover.

I won't get so aggravated with my dog's attention now. It may be a Godsend some day!

Michael said...

I wish you a full recovery and a speedy return to blogging.

You are very fortunate to have such a faithful companion in Bear.

You are in my prayers.