Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New Beginning

Ever since the completion of the Second Vatican Council, the non-Roman churches (e.g. Lutheran) have copied many of the directives established for the Novus Ordo. These include such things as adopting a three-year lectionary, modern (inclusive) languare, revisions of the historic calendar, and departures from the historic ordinary or the Mass.

The Augsburg Confession plainly states that the Lutheran Church has continued to celebrate the Mass, including all usual ceremonies, omitting only those things which would compromise the Gospel. Here, it should be noted, that the historic Mass of the Lutheran Church predates the revisions set forth by the Council of Trent and the Second Vatican Council.

Following this post, this blog will begin a review of the historic form of the Mass as retained by the Augsburg Confession. Innovations will be dismissed. The historic order and ceremony will be clarified, Questions regarding language will be resolve. Conformity to the Confessions will be encouraged.

But be warned, this blog will always be from the Confessional Lutheran perspective. Some sacred cows may be led to the slaughter. Modernism will surely be disparaged. Do-It-Yourself liturgies and Praise Services will be given no quarter. There may be brief divergences to related topics. Your participation in this blog is respectfully requested. Your comments will be welcomed.


William Weedon said...

Eagerly awaiting the good deacon's excoriation...

Christopher D. Hall said...

Excellent! I'm looking forward to reading.

Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

The wait is over. One of my favorite blogs has become active once again. Thank you, Deacon, for your efforts here, and at LexOrandi.org. With your approach to things liturgical, as you know, you and I travel the same road, or we go down the same alley. It's always encouraging to have fellow travellers, especially those of your acumen. I'll definitely stay tuned.

Past Elder said...

God bless your efforts!

Lutheran Liturgy is not Trent for Lutherans, but it has in many places become Vatican II for Lutherans.

Rock on (as they say)!